Class B Motorhomes

What is a Class B Motorhome?

No matter what type of motorhome you buy, these homes away from home offer comfort and fun on the road. For camping, traveling or undertaking long-term adventures, these vehicles suit a wide variety of family sizes and living styles. When some people think of a motorhome they picture the large, bus-like moving apartments that are impossible to park and difficult to drive. Class B motorhomes solve these problems without compromising on comfort and fun.

Class B Motorhome Specifications

The main difference between class B and other motorhomes is the size. Class B vehicles look and drive just like a normal van or even a mini-van in some cases. They often have raised roofs so occupants can stand up inside for added comfort when living in there. Some models have pop-out sides or ends to expand living space more.

When it comes to ease of use, Class B motorhomes beat their larger counterparts by miles. Anyone can maneuver these smaller vehicles down the highway and into even small camping spots. They fit easily in any suburban driveway and also in parking spots at the shopping center. Most are small enough to double as a family car whenever they are not being used for camping or traveling.

Class B Motorhome Amenities

While the living space is much less than Class A or C vehicles, Class B motorhomes offer most of the comforts of home, just in a reduced scale. Sleeping areas are not separate but instead are found in couches or pull out cots or benches in the seating or eating area. Tables can be removed and tucked away when not in use so they do not obstruct any other features. The bathrooms are tiny with the toilet and shower taking up the same space. Everything does double duty in these smaller campers.

The greatest benefit to Class B Motorhomes is the smart use of space. Despite having seats, counters, sink and shower, these vehicles also have amazing storage capacity with cabinets and bins in every available corner. Most also come with a trailer hitch and a great towing capacity. Bring along a boat or even a small trailer or pop-up camper to extend living space at the camp site.

Class B Motorhomes offer a comfortable way for two people to enjoy traveling and camping with style. Comfortable seating, plenty of cargo storage and the driving ease of a regular van combine to create the perfect small camper for fun and adventure.

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