Tailgating in a Conversion Van

Tailgating is a popular past time in the United States. Many sports fans enjoy a nice parking lot get-together with their friends and family members. Hauling the grill, chairs, and beverages to the stadium requires a vehicle with cargo capacity and the features to make it worthwhile. Conventional wisdom is to use a pickup truck for tailgating. However, conversion vans can be even more useful! Football season is the best time to own a van!

Why use a conversion van? Conversion vans offer a variety of features and large quantities of space.


Conversion vans contain a wide array of interior features that make them suitable to tailgate parties. Companies that sell conversion van packages will sell everything from sophisticated entertainment and audio systems to specialized seating arrangements. Some will even install sinks and bathroom functionality!

Conversion vans are often equipped with televisions, video players, and higher-end audio systems. These systems can enable the tailgaters to watch highlights from their favorite games, watch or listen to other sporting events in progress, or provide entertainment for the kids while the adults socialize. With the wide doors and significant viewing angles available from conversion vans, one can easily watch television from outside the vehicle.


Conversion vans also have spacious and comfortable interiors. Toting the family and the equipment to the game is not a problem with a conversion van. Anyone who needs to sit down and relax can do so with great comfort. Conventional pickup trucks and sports-utility vehicles have relatively little leg and arm room for the rear seat occupants. Conversion vans have plenty of extra space and won’t crowd the occupants. Conversion vans also have seats that fold completely flat to form soft beds for the occupants in the event that one of the tailgaters needs to lie down.

The bed of a pickup truck can house cargo, but it’s short on amenities!

The whole point of tailgating is socializing and having fun. That flat third-row bed will provide a stable platform on which to put the cooler and the food. The large interior space can house spare clothing, food, beverages, and people on the way to the game. Conversion vans often offer towing packages, allowing the operator to bring everything from heavy grills to restroom facilities on a trailer.

Additionally, if the game is set on a rainy and windy day, tailgaters need not call off the event. With usable space inside the vehicle, the tailgaters can kick back and relax in comfort amidst a downpour. That usable interior space can also be extended; simply retrieve the tent poles and tarp from the van, leave the back doors open, and set up a makeshift shelter to allow easy access to the grill from the comfort of your vehicle.

Many pickup trucks and sports-utility vehicles offer one or two of these features. However, a conversion van can offer all of these features at the same time. With a wide range of customized features and usable space, a conversion van might be the ultimate tailgater’s vehicle.

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