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My friend Bill lives in Orlando. He called me the other day with his terrible tale of woe. Seems he is in the market for a conversion van, and had been going from one dealership to another without success. I simply shook my head.

“Dude” I said. Actually I didn’t call him dude. I don’t ever call anyone dude. “Quit running around like a fool and check out www.gmcconversionvans.com. Dave Arbogast is the largest new and used conversion van dealer in the state and they treat everyone like family.

He immediately began to explain to me why he just couldn’t buy a van on line or out of state. Blah, blah, blah. After a minute, I told him that every van on the Arbogast lot is on the website with at least 25 photos of each vehicle. There are also videos of the vehicles available, and he could watch testimonials from satisfied customers, many who have never visited the dealership in Troy, Ohio.

That shut him up for a minute. Then he said “how will I get the van? I will have to go all the way up there, and— Sometimes the boy is just dumb. Dave Arbogast can deliver vans to any part of the United States, which I believe still includes Florida. Or they can pick you up at the Dayton International Airport, just 10 minutes from the dealership. It could hardly be easier.

If you are looking to sell or trade in a Florida conversion van, Dave Arbogast can help you there too. Simply visit our Trade in Appraisal page and tell them everything about your van. Then one of their van experts will gladly appraise the vehicle for you. That’s all there is too it, and the whole process can be done without you ever leaving home.

You owe it to yourself to give Dave Arbogast a try. Simply call 1-866-975-3257 or send an email. Someone will get back k to you promptly.

Try it…I guarantee you’ll like it. The good folks at Dave Arbogast leave no doubt—they want your business!

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